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Inauguration of the Bronze and of the square Léo Ferré in Monaco on the 23 of November 2003 in the presence of the family Ferré and of the Monegasque Authorities.
Preparation of the work at the Art Foundry
"Le Bronze Tourrettan" in Tourrettes sur Loup
Léo Ferré
Monaco November 2003

Léo Ferré, gifted poet, singer and musician was born in Monaco in 1916 and he left us ten years ago. He was franco- monegasque by nationality and we should honour him. 

The city of Monaco will soon baptise the former square Cichy as the square Léo Ferré. Being the sculptor  I wanted to honour this great Artist in my way. Some months ago I began to act by asking his family the authorization to sculpt the bust of Léo. Once the work had been finished in the baked clay,  I asked the City Council of Monaco if they would accept to place the bronze sculpture on the new square. I had no refusals and I had a lot of pleasure to see with what kind of enthusiasm the different people that I met approved the project.
Blaise Devissi
Buste en Bronze Léo Ferré
Interview TV Monaco Info
Interview Télé Monaco Info
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